Response to the climate crisis & Also reduced Exhaust emissions .

Reduced CO2 by SERVOCharger !!!

We got already CERTIFICATE


TREATMENT Tuning for Intake & Exhaust Air  of  the Engine!

   SERVOCharger can reduce consumption of Gasoline

Average to 25% !

Real Road Test!  and  Laboratory Test  !
    SERVO Charger can improve Response, Horsepower and Torque

By the DS Technology Co.,Ltd of the engine!

SERVO Charger V6  registered with PCT Patent Office all of the world.

SERVOCharger has been VORTEX Generation

by the Dimple effect and Tom's effectiveness.

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[ Response to the climate crisis ]


SERVOCharger V24 .video

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DS Technology CO.,Ltd. (DST) were founded in January 1988 to specialize in the production of servomechanisms, which are the basic component used in automation and electronic turbo chargers. Over the past few years we have also developed a range of products that can reduce consumption of gasoline up to by 20% fuel efficiency, and upgrade vehicle performance.  

 SERVOCharg reduced CO2 Exhaust emissions, 

   SERVOCharger is VORTEX Generation by the Dimple effect and Tom's effectiveness.

Since our establishment we have gained a worldwide reputation for excellent automobile power products. Our main line is the " SERVO Charger" series of super chargers that are designed to increase engine performance, decrease fuel consumption and reduce harmful exhaust emissions.  and


  REAR SERVOCharger   

     and Typhoon eye(TPi), TWIN TURBOZet and JUMBO Zet...

The main drawback to using other turbo or super chargers is that they are constantly in use, thereby drawing power away from the vehicle��s engine or battery. However, the " SERVO Charger" has been designed to include a microchip control system that have rpm & pressure counter sensors, which direct the charger to only operate when the engine reaches optimum combustion parameters. In this way, power supply is maintained and maximum efficiency is obtained.

In 1992 production was boosted significantly, with a new factory covering a floor area in excess of 3,000 square meters being commissioned. Currently we can manufacture a total of 100,000 units of servomechanisms annually, making us one of the largest suppliers of these products in Korea.

If you are interested in any of our products, or would like to become our Technics in your company, please contact us with your details. More information about the "SERVO Charger" range is available at our website.

In the future, DST will accomplish a greater breakthrough in quality pursuance and technological innovation through its commitments to SERVO Charger, Driver for car, capital popularization, production automation, management computerization and personnel recruiting.

DST will continue its share in promoting the living quality for mankind.


                                 DIGITAL SERVO Technology CO.,Ltd. (DST).

                          Scientist;   Inventer  Thomas  KWON




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