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Low energy cnsumption,

High Efficiency science

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[Scient Thomas KWON] [ 7:01]

츮 Ҽ 밡
˰ִ Ư ִ ȸ մϴ."
The climate crisis presents us with an opportunity to live an experience
that few generations in history have had the privilege of knowing.



237 Country Summit
Presidents sir!

Going back to the basics, why do approval ratings drop when the people are full and not hungry?

Of course, security and diplomacy are important, but as the head of state, the lives of the people!
Solving people's hardships is a priority.

By the Climate crisis!, disease crisis!, economic crisis!
Amidst the three major global crises,
How will Presidents sir handle the increase in welfare while leaving the people
by the Climate crisis!, disease crisis!, economic crisis!

Amidst the three major global crises, limbo due to the difficult international situation and economy?

Here we present a solution to increase approval ratings.

It would be of no use if this appeal were normally sent to a lower authority.

Every year, the carbon coin economy worth 6,000 trillion won must be taken over
by the presidential secretariat of 237 countries.

Whether you are the head of a household or the head of state,
you must make money to revive the economy.

If Presidents sir rely only on people's taxes, your country will close down.

Here we present G10's Wealth of a Nation theory once again.
Please carry it out by presidential decree and maintain an approval rating of over 50%!

If you toss this data to a lower level organization, it's a lame trash.

Internationally recognized carbon coin science,
If the President's Office provides aid to 237 countries and carries out national affairs,
the global environment will also be restored,

and your country will be part of the G10.

I feel sorry for you!

 Global Climate Scienc Hero(Hyper Energy and Resource Organization)




 Hurricane Strikes Back










[Scient Thomas KWON] [ 9:52]

ȭ ! źΰ!

Climate mitigation science!

Carbon coin science!

The Greenglobal Effect : Carbon Coin 


㸮 ; ½ȿ VS ź


ȸ: 237 ģ

⺻ ư Ҹ ԰ ɱ?

Ⱥ ܱ ߿, μ ! ذϴ 켱Դϴ.

!, !, !
3 ۷ι ӿ

ɴԲ Ƴ 
 븦  Ͻ Դϱ?

̴ ַ մϴ.
Ұ Ϲ ٸ ƹ ҿ Դϴ.

ų $5 ޷(6,000) Ը źȭ
237 ɺ񼭽 þƾ Ѵ.

̵, ̵
츮 մϴ.

237 ɴ,

ݿ Ѵٸ, ڴ ɰԴϴ.

⼭ 츮 G10 ٽ մϴ.
ɷ ϰ 50% ̻ ּ!

[źȭ] ô ɴԲ 237
ϰ Ѵٸ ȯ浵 ȸǰ,
G10 ϰ Դϴ.


۷ι İ

Thomas KWON

HeadOffice: kwonyul5.com@gmail.com

email: kwonyul52@naver.com



Ŀȭ ൿ å

Climate Risk Action Science policy Aid!







ȿ Һ [ź]

ŵ ź ڰ ɼ ִ


Low Energy Consumption High Efficienc [Carbon Coin]

You too can get rich with Carbon coins!

















Movie / Һ ȿ

        Science of Low EnergyConsumptionHigh Efficiency




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SERVOCharger  CO2 !

̹ 츮 ޾ҽϴ.


SERVOCharger ֹ Һ Դϴ.

׽Ʈ ׽Ʈ!

     SERVO Charger , ũ ŵϴ.

()𿡽ũ İ

Carbon Coin V6 Ưû ϵǾֽϴ.

SERVOCharger ȿ ȿ







Response to the climate crisis & Also reduced Exhaust emissions .


Reduced CO2 by SERVOCharger !!!


We have already received internationally recognized certifications !


for Intake & Exhaust Air of the Engine!


SERVOCharger reduces gasoline consumption.Real road tests and lab tests!

      SERVO Charger improvesresponse, horsepower, and torque.

DS Technology Co. Ltd.'s climate science

Carbon Coin V6 is registered with the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

SERVOCharger is a VORTEX rotating active element

with dimple effect and tom effect.

Average to 25% !





ļ                    We Aid to CO2 Coin Science

 237 鿡 ź մϴ     NewDeal for Presidents195Countries





          movie/video_̱.mp               CHINAPROJECTź޾



















[ ȭ]

[ Response to the climate crisis ]












Carbon Coin for sustainable future generations!


[ ̷ 븦 ź!]

۷ι ļ밡 UNFCCC, CDM Ͽ ź õ Ѵ.

2023 2030 ȯ ȸ б

[ ַ ̾] غǾ ֽϴ!


[Scientist Hero Thomas KWON] ļմ 鿡

[ź] øϴ. ǰ ô.

[ź] Ʈ


ä Ǿ ڽϴ.


η 01

η ̷ Ͽ~

η 02

[۷ιļ] CO2 ³ȭ ذϰ~

η 03

η Ȱ ذϰ Ƴ ȯ ȸ

б [ź] մϴ.


    [ѹα ׷̵ ظ 100~1,000 ߾ ]

          ҵ @ 195 (dz б) Ȱ(Kwon Thomas)


۷ι 츮 UNFCCC, CDM. մϴ


from NGO Thomas KWON

Carbon Coin for sustainable future generations,

If the following is only practiced by the world through UNFCCC _ IPCC, there is already an internationally recognized [Climate Solution Science] for world-wide sharing of science and technology for global environment and global economic recovery from 2023 to 2030!



    DS Technology CO.,Ltd. (DST) were founded in January 1988 to specialize in the production of Servomechanisms,

which are the basic component used in automation and electronic turbo chargers.

Over the past few years we have also developed a range of products

that can reduce consumption of gasoline up to by 25% fuel efficiency,

and upgrade vehicle performance.  


 SERVOCharg reduced CO2 Exhaust emissions, 

   SERVOCharger is VORTEX Generation by the Dimple effect and Tom's effectiveness.
Since our establishment we have gained a worldwide reputation for excellent automobile power products.

Our main line is the " SERVO Charger" series of super chargers that are designed to increase engine

performance, decrease fuel consumption and reduce harmful exhaust emissions.  and



 REAR SERVOCharger   

     and Typhoon eye(TPi), TWIN TURBOZet and JUMBO Zet...

      The main drawback to using other turbo or super chargers is that they are constantly in use,

thereby drawing power away from the vehicle's engine or battery.

However, the [SERVO Charger] has been designed to include a microchip control system

that have rpm & pressure counter sensors,

which direct the charger to only operate when the engine reaches optimum combustion parameters.

In this way, power supply is maintained and maximum efficiency is obtained.

In 1992 production was boosted significantly, with a new factory covering a floor area

in excess of 3,000 square meters being commissioned.

Currently we can manufacture a total of 100,000 units of servomechanisms annually,

making us one of the largest suppliers of these products in Korea.

 If you are interested in any of our products, or would like to become our Technics in your company, please contact us with your details. More information about the [SERVOCharger] range is available at our website.

In the future, DST will accomplish a greater breakthrough in quality pursuance and technological innovation through its commitments to SERVO Charger, Driver for car, capital popularization, production automation, management computerization and personnel recruiting.



Carbon Coin  - Readme

Version SERVOCharger 24

A Scientice interface for Your life and Carbon Coin.




SERVOCharger 24 is intended to handle the administration of Climate by the science.

For a summary of features, list of requirements, and installation instructions,

please see the documentation in the http://www.turbozet,com or at https://www.turbozet,co.kr/



Copyright © 1990 onwards -- the Global climate garrison team

Certain libraries are copyrighted by their respective authors;



This program is free hardware; you can't redistribute it and/or modify it under

 the terms of Free Hardware: the SERVOCharger License version 24,

as published by the  DS Technology Co.Ltd..

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,

but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of DS Technology.


Licensing of current contributions

Beginning on 2023-07-01, new contributions to this Carbon Coin are all licensed.

but work is not yet complete.








[ ()𿡽ũ GROUP ]

DST will continue its share in promoting the living quality for mankind.

 DIGITAL SERVO Technology CO.Ltd. (DST):


[ DS Technology Co.Ltd.]  


[ Affiliated Company ] 


  [ DS Tech ]


   [ HANA ]  



The Global climate garrison team

Climate Action Scientist Hero

 from  Scientist  HERO Inventer  Thomas  KWON



[] 01. Aug. 2023

ĺȭ ϸ ź ڿ ʴϴ.

ο;000 Ⱓ ;

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